Oculus Damaged Core

I wrote music for an Oculus VR game called Damaged Core by High Voltage Software and it was released today. So stoked.

Damaged Core is a sci-fi first person shooter that takes place in “the near future.” In this future, humanity is facing extinction at the hands of robots (Terminator, anyone?) controlled by a “swarm intelligence” called the Core. You play as an artificial intelligence that can take over the bodies of machines, including enemy robots. Your mission is to be the savior of the human race by taking down the Core, one robot at a time.

Read a review of the game here http://uploadvr.com/damaged-core-review-final/

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Emmy 2015

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown on CNN wins another Emmy. I have three songs in this great show. Proud to be a small part of it. Below is a playlist of the songs used. “God Knows” was in the “Beirut” episode season 5.

Songs in Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

My song had a very cool scene in Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Beirut Season 5 Ep 8. I put up a video clip of it below as well as the master recording.



Another song heard in an early season was Innovation. You can hear that on my Soundcloud.

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