Dj Puzzle’s Trap loops are now available in the new iPad app by Andy Van called iPRO.DJSAMPLER.


Vicious Recordings’ Andy Van launched a sampling app for the iPad two and half months ago called, handily, the iPro.DJSampler. Designed for use in live performance, the app allows you to buy packs of features, samples and effects for EDM, dubstep, electro, Dutch house, rap and vocals licensed from labels like OWSLA and Dim Mak, and trigger and manipulate those samples using an XY pad, trigger pad and effects like reverb, flange, delay and filters.

Van says he created the app because he “couldn’t find an app on the iPad that could do what I wanted,” and he’s obviously hit a market gap, as the free app’s had 12,000 downloads since its launch. Now Van’s launched an upgraded version of iPro.DJSampler with a free EDM Sample pack and Effects Pack, as well as downloadable sample packs for the Melbourne Sound and a Trap Sample pack from LA’s DJ Puzzle.

iPRO.DJSAMPLER is available for free in the appstore CLICK HERE

Acoustica AeroMidi App for Leap Motion

AeroMidi Leap Motion Midi App

Acoustica, Inc announced their new midi controller software app for Leap Motion. It uses Gestures to control midi parameters. You’ll hear them using my Dubstep beats and samples in this demonstration. This shows how you can use AeroMIDI to actually perform real music. In this particular setup, it uses 4 notes and a giant expression area.

The giant orange expression area is on the right and it controls.

Left to Right : Volume
Top to Bottom: Wub Wub ( mirrored so that the max is in the center vertically)
Front to Back: Delay feedback and Chorus intensity
Notes: It plays 2 notes when in the cube
(Also, this expression area cube has walls on each side which means once your finger goes in, the only way it leaves is to remove your finger from the Leap Motion Controllers view.)

The cubes on the left are in ‘groups’ which means that when you turn one on, it turns the previous one off. The ‘off’ cube is down below the 4 cubes. Each cube, simply has a note play when it is entered.