Sony Software release’s Dj Puzzle’s Smoldering Scores loop pack.

Smoldering Scores Royalty Free Loops and Samples

Smoldering Scores: Cinematic Electronica is a collection of 12 intricate construction kits designed for making instant tracks with full control over pacing and dynamic interplay. Based in electronic music forms ranging from breakbeat to industrial to progressive, every kit delivers all the critical components needed to mirror the tight curves of your story’s tension and suspense levels. Dial in and develop music that evolves the way you need it to – lay a foundation of drones and backgrounds calibrated to the setting, introduce thematic statements, add textures and effects, then hit the switch with driving rhythmic streams of music that frame your story in perfectly timed arcs that rise and fall exactly on cue. Along with all the kits, Smoldering Scores contains a bonus folder featuring more than 50 solo piano motif files arranged in convenient groups complete with your choice of outros. Of course, Smoldering Scores is not exclusively limited to multimedia production tasks. Take advantage of its resources for any musical purpose under the sun in classic Sound Series style, in ACID™ software and all platforms that support the .wav file format. Produced by John Hobart and Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle).