Dj Puzzle releases Guidance Recordings Deep House Dj Mix On Beatport Mixes

Guidance Recordings Dj Mix

Opinion Rated ‘R’ (Original Mix) – Abacus
Burning the Mid-Nite Oil (Original Mix) – Glenn Underground
Stepping Upon Mars (Underground Version)- Aquanauts
Fly With Me (Mark Grant’s Spirit of the Black Ghost Mix) – Mark Grant & Glenn Underground
Sambalate ((Laid Back Grooves Mix)) – Martinez
El Regalo De Amor (Extended Instrumental Mix) – Dubtribe Sound System
Waterhodes – Glenn Underground
Les Yeux Bleu (Original Mix) – Martinez
Facing You (Original Mix) – Chris Brann
Flutemaker (Original Mix) – Seafoam
So Much Joy (Original Mix) – Larry Heard


Saints-Row-IV Soundtrack

Dj Puzzle’s song The Fever was placed in Saints Row IV DLC.

The song can be found in the 5th chapter of the Enter The Dominatrix. Mission: Escape the Dominatrix There is also a version of this song with vocals but they did not use that one. The original is from my Industrial band Khemique.