Dj Puzzle’s latest loop pack for Sony Creative Software.

Sony New Retro Dance Loops

New Retro Dance Excursions is a sublime construction kit that dares you to dig in and pave imaginary autobahns leading to dance floors unstuck in time. It’s easy and fun: throw down peak disco excursions and then branch off, crossing from kit to kit to build set-long epics made with nothing but the thirteen sessions and 368 one shots found here. Execute smooth transitions from disco to electro to house to classic Europop grooves, then wind down with a dreampop soundscape before easing into a loungy finish after exhausting your sweaty audience. Everything on New Retro hangs together in a blend of updated 70’s and 80’s styles that will always make perfect sense as their multicolored forms collide. Call up driving beats, motorik sonic accessories, and even whole integrated progressions for majestic themes, dramatic breakdowns, and a positive, intense energy level with perfect forward propulsion. Make high energy workouts an effortless joy with New Retro and experience a new level of ease-of-use in loop library design. Sony Sound Series titles bring great material at a great price: high-quality, high-quantity, 24-bit solid, royalty free, and in the case of New Retro Dance Excursions, insanely danceable at all times. Produced by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle)


Dj Puzzle played synthesizer for The Prolific, an L.A. based New Wave/Punk group. The band opened for Modern English at the Viper Room in Los Angeles on October 12th 2013.

The Prolific Viper Room

Puzzle (Jason Donnelly) gets a quick interview at the gig from Sugarbuzz Magazine.

The Dankles

The Dankles reviews the Drop It Low EP and features a free download.

The previously Chicago based DJ Puzzle aka Jason Donnelly has just uprooted himself and he sown his seeds out in Los Angeles. He is a master at making loops and has done so on many creative levels. If you think you listen to electronic music and haven’t heard a sample he had a hand in creating you’re probably wrong. With his new roots in LA he has teamed up with the family over at MalLabel Music to release his newest pack of tracks on the ‘Drop it Low EP’. Coming in heavy on the twerk bass sound we have three solid tracks wrapped up in this release that give you a good grip of this talented producer’s ability. Now the whole release can only be found over on Beatport but thanks to MalLabel we have an exclusive download of one of the tracks for you guys while they have one streaming in full via their SoundCloud as well. Don’t sleep on this opportunity and turn up those speakers before you dive into this bass storm.