Acoustica AeroMidi App for Leap Motion

AeroMidi Leap Motion Midi App

Acoustica, Inc announced their new midi controller software app for Leap Motion. It uses Gestures to control midi parameters. You’ll hear them using my Dubstep beats and samples in this demonstration. This shows how you can use AeroMIDI to actually perform real music. In this particular setup, it uses 4 notes and a giant expression area.

The giant orange expression area is on the right and it controls.

Left to Right : Volume
Top to Bottom: Wub Wub ( mirrored so that the max is in the center vertically)
Front to Back: Delay feedback and Chorus intensity
Notes: It plays 2 notes when in the cube
(Also, this expression area cube has walls on each side which means once your finger goes in, the only way it leaves is to remove your finger from the Leap Motion Controllers view.)

The cubes on the left are in ‘groups’ which means that when you turn one on, it turns the previous one off. The ‘off’ cube is down below the 4 cubes. Each cube, simply has a note play when it is entered.

Dj Puzzle Scratch Boom Bap Cover

Dj Puzzle (founder of Peace Love Productions and co-founder of Soundtrack Loops) is giving away a 600mb set of royalty free loops for producing Boom Bap style Hip Hop.

Scratch Boom Bap is a library of loops and samples for producing underground Boom Bap Hip Hop and Mushroom Jazz grooves. Loop folders include Basses, Cymbals, High Hats, Snares, Kicks, Dj Scratches, Synths, Keys, Organs, E-Pianos, Brass, SFX, and more. There are also 210 Moog synth samples (2-4 notes at multiple octaves for each patch), 124 Moog SynDrums, and 60 drum oneshots. 614 loops in total. Inspired by artists like Dj Format, MF Doom, Devine Styler, Quasimoto, Q-Tip, Madlib, Binary Star, Macvillian, Mos Def, Delltron 3030, and Murs. Tempos from 90-95 BPM. 16 Bit 44.1kHz Stereo

Get it here