Trap Drops Loops For Trap Music is currently #4 on the Hip Hop charts at Beatport Sounds.

Trap Drops Trap Loops On Beatport Sounds

Loop Cartel “Trap Drops” is the FIRST Trap sample pack to feature bonus club vocals from rapper Mr Robotic. Now YOU can have access to his vocals bits to cut, splice, and pitch all over your productions. There are 156 loops in total spread across 7 construction kits. Each instrument (including each drum track) is isolated. There are sub bass lines, vocal cut ups, build ups, risers, sfx, beats, hit hats, snare, keys, brass, and so much more. That was just the loops folder! There are also 231 drum and synth one-shots. You will never need another TR-808 drum sample library again. We covered every 808 sample and then some. There are claps, snares, kicks, basses, hits, hi hats, sfx, and more. Tempos range from 70-80 BPM. Inspired by Boregore, Lex Luger, Rick Ross, Wacka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne, TI, and Dj Screw. Each file is named with key and tempo information as well as meta-tagged with the sample info. 24 bit 44.1kHz Stereo.


You may have noticed Soundcloud has a new Here’s The Drop TM feature on some of your songs. Nice one Soundcloud, funny April’s fools joke!

Soundcloud Here's The Drop April Fools Joke

Soundcloud Here’s The Drop April Fools Joke