Dj Puzzle remixes Karmacoda’s tune Love Will Turn Your Head Around

LWTYHA Dj Puzzle Remix

Love Will Turn Your Head Around (The Remixes) is a collection of re-imagined versions of the dream-like single “Love Will Turn Your Head Around” from Karmacoda’s fourth studio album Eternal. Featuring vocals by Beth Hirsch (Air) and Anji Bee (Lovespirals), the remixes were created by a diverse and talented group of musicians, producers and DJs from around the world.

credits, released 22 February 2013:
1. Lovespirals Remix by Lovespirals
2. DJ Puzzle Remix by DJ Puzzle
3. California Sunset Remix by Mr. Alfa
4. Da Funccc Remix by Mr. Alfa
5. Synapsis Remix by Tim Angrave
6. Return to Mono Remix by Andy Sybilrud
7. DJ’s Dub Remix by Den Jones
8. Karmacoda Redux by Karmacoda

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Dj Puzzle is commissioned by Acoustica to produce a new set of Brazilian Lounge loops and samples for Mixcraft software.

Thiago Pinheiro

Direction, Piano, and Keys – Thiago Pinheiro
Drums – Julio (Giulio) Figueroa
Bass – Evren Edler
Produced by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle )

Download the free loops: