November 30th 2010 – Dj Puzzle is creating synth patches and midi sequences for the new Sound Trends app called Gruvtron.

Sound Trends Gruvtron

Grüvtron features sounds, sequences/patterns and drum beats in electronic music styles and is designed to allow for easy jamming by one or multiple users. Simply choose from the list of Presets (arpeggios, basses, leads, loops, etc.) and it automatically loads the appropriate sequences, sound and drum beat. Just hit “Play” and touch a square on the grid to jam. Hold multiple squares and grüvtron morphs between the sequences and keeps it all grooving with the beat. Use the Modulation strip to control filter, add vibrato and other expressive effects.

October 27th 2010 – Jason Donnelly makes his Ambient album Cassini Orbiter available pubilically for the first time. He chose Mixcloud to feature this original mix of ambient soundscapes and grooves.

Cassini Orbiter

This album started out as an experiment. Enjoy!

October 27th – Dj Puzzle’s Tribal House Loopmasters release is now available on Trax Source

Dj Puzzle produced a loop collection for Loopmasters called Tribal House and it has been made available on Trax Source for all you Djs out there.