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Loop Cartel On Beatport Sounds

Dj Puzzle's latest loop packs are available exclusively through Beatport Sounds.

Dj Puzzle Music On These TV Networks

Dj Puzzle's music is available for licensing through APM Music Hollywood. As heard in Descpicable Me 2 DVD, 1600 Penn, Chasing Classic Cars, Tattoo School, Nail Files, Design Squad Nation, Portlandia, Tour De France 2011 NBC news coverage, Thomas Jefferson's Bible (Smithsonian Channel), and much more.

What do Loop Cartel, Acoustica, Presonus, Sound Trends, Loopmasters, Sony Creative Software, Peace Love Productions, and Soundtrack Loops all have in common? Answer: Jason Donnelly ( Dj Puzzle). Donnelly has produced over 30,000 loops and hundreds of loop packs for most of the world's largest sample companies. He has over a decade of production time clocked in this industry. It's very likely you've heard Donnelly's music and sounds already whether you realize it or not. If his music isn't in your collection, there's a good chance his loops bundled with the music software you're using, a video game you just played, or in a TV show you just watched. His most recent accomplishments include signing a 5 disc release with Sony Creative Software but producing loops is not all he does. He spends most of his time composing library music for APM in Hollywood. His House song "Class Soiree" can be heard in an episode of popular IFC television series "Portlandia" and his tune Clubland appears in the popular video game Saints Row The Third and TV show 1600 Penn. Puzzle's Dj sets are nothing short of innovative with hints of his own production work and edits to make them unique while he packs the dance floor.